Stream: Goodbye Chanel – Kalifornia

0 Posted by - 08/20/2013 - One Timer

Sun soaked pop from Newcastle is here by way of Goodbye Chanel (Scott Johnson), as he’s just released his EP Through Night To Paradise and boy is it exquisite. Hypnotic, echoing vocals fly through the night over brilliantly warm guitar licks and synth, creating a comfortable listen for relaxing on the bed or under the sky.

I discovered Goodbye Chanel on London music blog Sexbeat (thanks to Ancient Times, no less) while researching info for an e-mail I received about Sheffield group Best Friends, whom I wrote about earlier today. It was love at first note, as I gobbled up “Divine” and “Kalifornia” in rapid succession. I do have to ponder the ‘K’ insertion for California…I’ve never understood the reason for this, but folks do this on a regular basis. In this case I’m thinking it actually means something as far as the actual track goes, but Mr. Johnson would have to expound on that.

While you ponder ‘K’ or ‘C’, head to Bandcamp and grab Goodbye Chanel’s Through Night To Paradise featuring “Kalifornia”. Well worth the dollars.

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