Stream: Ghost Beach – Moon Over Japan

0 Posted by - 07/11/2013 - One Timer

This one feels good. Funky, firmly entrenched in the eighties and most of all…new Ghost Beach. I read somewhere in my e-mail that Ghost Beach were dropping a new album, but didn’t see that the new single from it was available immediately. I’m glad it is.

I’m at a loss for the proper descriptors. While not as catchy as “Miracle” or “Been There Before” at first blush, “Moon Over Japan” feels whole and encompassing – you could call it a perfect introduction to the group, which is precisely what you’d want from your first single on your debut LP. “Moon Over Japan” makes up for that lack of instant hook with tighter sounds, which paint a vivid picture of eighties life, fast cars, gold chains, and palm trees. It touches that “soundtrack” vibe, which I love.

It feels cool, it sounds great, and I’m looking forward to more. Where’s my white suit?

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  • the Skating Party 07/12/2013 - 10:33 AM

    THESE GUYS ARE SO GOOD! Thanks for covering them!