Stream: Generationals – Put A Light On

0 Posted by - 03/30/2013 - One Timer

generationalsIt’s 100% relatively unknown indie 97.3% of the time here at Sirens of Decay. I have taken great pride over the past two and a half years in our movement from posting almost exclusively well known indie acts to posting the true up-and-comer types, the unknowns and wild cards. This freedom was brought our way by two things; you reading, and since you were reading, more bands kept submitting. More submissions = more variety, which means I can be more choose-y.

Sometimes, exceptions have to be made to the rule. Sometimes you gotta go back to the well. Generationals are one of my favorite bands and there’s another new track from the upcoming Heza being promoted…OF COURSE I’M GONNA POST IT!

If you don’t know Generationals, think simple and beautiful. It’s a bad analogy, but you know how when you see a red bullseye you think Target, or an apple and you correspond that with Apple? It’s brand recognition. Simple, elegant design. Generationals are that in music form. No, I don’t mean they are commercial giants. I mean their sound is absolute simplicity, sincere and ridiculously catchy and joyful. Even when their tracks are sad, they make me wanna do a little jig and crack at least half a smirk.

“Put A Light On” is as undeniably infectious as any of the best tracks on Actor-Caster were. It sounds a lot like it could’ve fit right in there, to be honest. It seems like the Generationals disposition here is a little more sunny than on the previous album, yet it feels like a bit of a continuation. I’m fine as frog hair with that – it was one of my favorites of 2011.

PUT MY LIGHT ON…whenever a new Generationals track comes out. Think police siren. Blue lights flashing. Woo woo…too much? Too much.

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