Noteworthy (Stream): FTSE – Nite Life (feat. Femme)

0 Posted by - 02/27/2014 - Noteworthy

One of my favorite discoveries from last year, FTSE, has just released a new track titled “Nite Life” and announced a new EP due out April 21st. He released my favorite track of 2013. You could say I am excited.

The bass delivered in “Nite Life” is thick as ever, with the added touch of guest vocals by Femme delivering a simple, stark beauty to the dark landscape painted by FTSE. From the bass-heavy choruses to the chanted bridges, “Nite Life” is an exposition on a life embroiled in too many late nights and cigarettes beneath neon signs.

[pullquote align=”right”]Empty people avoiding real life, empty people hoping to collide[/pullquote]

Femme’s repeated bridge refers to “empty people” as well as later references of being “content just to survive”. This is where FTSE tracks stand apart. At first blush, “Nite Life” feels like a celebration of the night life. A serious exploration of the words behind those relentless grooves finds a man in a bit of an existential crisis. It’s a damn good track.

You can pre-order FTSE’s upcoming EP, LOVE UN LTD, on Bandcamp via Lucky Number.

It’ll feature four tracks and be released in both digital and vinyl formats.

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