Stream: FI/SHE/S – A Drive To The Psychos

0 Posted by - 03/12/2013 - One Timer

I couldn’t find much on Fi/she/s in my rudimentary search. Not because it’s not out there, but because I found a lot of stuff in French and Google translate provides broken English. The gist seems to be that these dudes are a group of all kinds, meeting my happenstance in Paris. Now, they are blasting your ear drums with beauty.

There are undeniable good vibes dripping off the sounds of this track. From the vocal harmonies (should I make the comparison? Should I?!) to the warm, bright sounds “A Drive To The Psychos” will find you at that perfect segue between winter and summer. Remind me to pick this one back up again next month if I happen to forget it.

That’s not very likely.

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