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With an interesting moniker combining childhood street names and a love of Rocko’s Modern Life, Stockton, CA based Filbert create musical beauty with their own brand of whimsical bliss. I was digging Filbert from the start – something about the way the band crafts their music, how nothing feels extraneous, really resonated with me.

“Breath” is an interesting exercise for me. Lyrically, Gutierrez has crafted intricate rhymes and metaphors that are so elaborate I asked him to send over the lyrics so I could parse them; musically, the sound is so freaking endearing and seemingly so uncomplicated that when the words begin tumbling out it’s practically that second scoop your body might not need but your heart craves.

I can feel my body getting shorter than myself, and when you speak in tongues I get creeped out

Filbert have a sound that warms the heart, with “Breath” in particular straddling this amazing line between melancholy and feel good. Reading the lyrics, it seems I’m not supposed to get a good feeling from “Breath” yet somehow I still do.

I JUST WANNA LET THE WATER HIT ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE LONGER…or at least twenty three minutes more. Plus there’s a Loch Ness monster in the picture on that Soundcloud player.

You can get the entire seven track Chronographic for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

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