Stream: Farewell Republic – What

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It’s not the greatest track name I’ve ever seen, but “What” is a pretty good way to start the work week. Farewell Republic has an interesting sound that lies somewhere between ambient production and shoegaze guitar churning. “What” is one of those tracks that just simmers in your headphones while you wait for the big payoff, which is delivered after the drop at 3:41 in.

I want to say I’ve heard similar things, but I’m really drawing a blank as to what or who it was. To be honest, the track has the feel of one of those genre crossing projects where Super Rocker A works with Producer Z for a one off and they create some amazing track, leaving you wondering what would’ve happened if they had churned out an entire album. Farewell Republic is an actual band, though. They have an album dropping on April 23rd, as well as an LP that was released in February of last year titled Burn The Boats.

You can grab that LP via the group’s bandcamp, where you’ll also be able to find Young Effete Titans Of Industry in a little more than a month. Also, on said bandcamp both the forthcoming album and the older LP are/will be free

I SAID “WHAT” WHEN…I read the album name for the forthcoming Farewell Republic LP. I’m not one to throw stones about great names (see top of page; blog name), but I would love to know just where in the hell such a strange name came from. I believe it would make for some good copy.

Either way, these dudes can bang out some nice tunes. Listen to “Wake” as well, if you don’t believe me. Stream below.

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