Stream: Draag – “You’re My Boy Blue”

4 Posted by - 04/03/2014 - One Timer

It’s early morning, but you can get your late night engines burning hot with “You’re My Boy Blue” by San Fernando band Draag. Showcasing the ‘A’ (doubled) better than the valley’s more infamous exports, Draag released an LP in mid-March and it scratches that hard to reach spot you’ve been saving for shoegaze pop and a couple of beers.

Draag have some interesting tunes packed into their self-titled, with the perilously bouncy “Big Eyes, Big Lies” capturing my headphones for an inordinate amount of time. The track sounds like Radiohead’s “A Wolf At The Door”¹ met Outkast’s “The Whole World”² and went through a solid year of bad times. This is a high endorsement, no lie. I could straight up ninja kick the shit out of somebody while listening to this. I could also lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling fan.

Very adaptable. Very goddamned good.

Draag and their LP can be found on Bandcamp. It’s name your own price, so be there.

¹ Which happens to my favorite song of the ever.

² The cause of yours truly getting a reckless driving ticket at age 16 for going 84 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Needless to say me and this track ain’t friends no mo’.

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