Stream: Dial Up – My Time

0 Posted by - 11/12/2013 - One Timer

I recently heard back from a band I’d covered post-mortem. The message said that a resurrection had occurred and they actually had new material getting ready for eyes and earballs. The only thing better than getting great new music from unknown sources is getting great new music from a now known quantity. Dial Up are back in the saddle, if only for seven tracks, but if you enjoyed the previous work of this Minneapolis group you’ll probably be digging Cold Rinse.

I won’t go into a whole mess of detail. Dial Up is minimal pop fuzz, this time arriving somewhere at a healthy midpoint between Crimes’ latest work Thin Sunlight and the previous Dial Up releases Landline and the Seller Door EP (ed. note: same catalyst/vocalist Andrew Jansen in both groups).

“Tom Cruise” flies into the airspace nearest Landline, a bit more punchy than the other seven tracks and quite easy to fall in love with. You won’t have to worry about the pessimists around you while you enjoy it, I assure you. My other favorite, “My Time”, is a touch more subdued – though I suppose you could say that about Dial Up as a whole. Dial Up produce a very laid back, chill experience. “My Time” reminds me of youth, for whatever reason that may be. It has this inviting rhyming/rhythm quality that creates a very relaxing experience, guiding you through Tuesday and into the rest of the week.

You can pre-order Cold Rinse on Bandcamp in limited cassette (only 55 available), or CD format, each with a digital copy. You can check out Crimes on Bandcamp as well.

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