Stream: Denitia and Sene – It’s Your Fault

0 Posted by - 08/07/2013 - One Timer

As far as duos go, I’ve got a playlist just for that. There’s probably nothing, outside of my garage rock staples, that I am more of a sucker for in music than a good duo. I just love the minimal nature of the whole deal. Denitia and Sene’s track “It’s Your Fault” fell into my lap yesterday and I’d say I’ve played it, oh, fifteen to twenty times in the last 16 hours or so…not a lot or anything, just a few listens to make sure it was “quality”.

Well, folks, it is. “It’s Your Fault” is a downtempo R&B style jam with that production style we all die for. I should be telling them it’s their fault for making such a ridiculously good track. You’re keeping me from listening to the rest of my inbox, Denitia and Sene.

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