Stream: Day Joy – Destroyer

0 Posted by - 11/25/2012 - One Timer

It’s been really strange since I moved to Kentucky. Trading humidity, pavement, and a mass of people for a more rural setting, endless days of sunshine, and a healthy breeze is a big swing. I would have never guessed that Kentucky’s weather would be this good, but I moved here in September and it has rained around five or six times and been sunny and beautiful almost every other day. On top of that, until Black Friday it was like 55-60+ degrees here each day. Awesome.

I’ve been searching for a track that brackets this nice weather, and I believe I found it. “Destroyer” by Day Joy is muted, beautiful, and about as relaxing as it gets. The track dallies along at it’s own pace, appearing to take in the sun (or the clouds) and not seeming to care. It picks up a little towards the end as the title is repeated in refrain, a nice little crescendo reminding you it is winter. Oh, and destroyer. Trogdor?

This is the B-side on the Go To Sleep, Mess 7″, available from Small Plate Records for your vinyl collection. Stream it below and enjoy.

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