Stream: Darlingside – The Woods

0 Posted by - 04/10/2012 - One Timer

Darlingside is continuing their marathon of releases leading up to their album Pilot Machines – this time with The Ancestor/The Woods which is the second 7″ release featuring tracks from the upcoming LP. If you missed the story before (read/listen here), Darlingside is bringing a new form of marketing to music and new kind of buying power to music listeners like you and me. For $10 you can purchase the full album, Pilot Machines, which is due this July.

Also for that $10, you get early delivery of three different 7″ releases featuring tracks that will be on the album…Darlingside is basically giving you more than half the album early for making a commitment to them.

“The Woods” is a beautiful marriage of 60’s and 70’s pop and a Boy/War era U2 guitar work; the track is wrapped in the same kind of nuance that I’ve grown to love from the band. They seem to know just how low and how high to go – this is not a band that is gonna blow out your speakers…this is a band that will give those $100+ dollar headphones you purchased a real workout so you can find out if they were worth all that dough.

The A-side, “The Ancestor” is more somber, an exercise in pop sensibilities where the band’s ability as the last rock band on earth to come at you beautiful harmonies is exploited and showcased over soothing instrumentation.

You can purchase Pilot Machines here and grab four tracks right now to get yourself caught up. Head over to Facebook and like Darlingside while you’re at it.

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