Stream: Darlingside – Pilot Machines

0 Posted by - 07/17/2012 - One Timer

It’s been a long long wait, but Darlingside’s full album Pilot Machines is finally here! These fellas have embarked on one of the most interesting album releases that I have seen – especially from an indie band. In a nutshell, they would release several tracks from the album every few weeks in 7″ format for anyone who subscribed/purchased the full album.

Yes, in plain English that means you got the whole album early…and some tracks extremely early. It’s an extremely interesting concept and one I’d definitely like to see more of.

We actually covered a few of these releases here at Sirens of Decay, because well, we love these dudes. They are incredible musicians and craft some awesome music. You can read about “Still” here.

Check out our write-up of “Blow The House Down” (my personal favorite) and “Drowning Elvis” here, and “The Ancestor” and “The Woods” – which will likely remind you of a lot of old favorites from Boy/War era U2 to some awesome old school pop.

Now that your appetites are properly whetted you should head below and stream Pilot Machines in it’s entirety.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed. You can purchase the album directly from the band.



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