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After posting Minneapolis based Gospel Gossip, it would have been unwarranted for me to expect another amazing discovery from the “City of Lakes”. That’s why no one pays me to predict things. Turns out there’s a killer garage band also residing there and they go by the name of Crimes. I like thinking about and philosophizing about the details that make up a band’s moniker. Sometimes I delve into the origin, occasionally it’s only an anecdote. Minnaepolis’ Crimes happens to share the same name as Seatraffic’s Crimes 7″ that I listened to ad nauseum last year. That EP also had the sweetest artwork of 2012 (in my opinion, of course). The correlation in names lines up the two bands nicely in quality, if not substance.

Crimes is a garage rock band. They aren’t particularly lo-fi, though that element does exist in their work to some degree. They play their hand straightforward and the songwriting is instantly rewarding for the listener. You don’t have to search for something to love – the slanky guitars and girl vs guy harmonies hard-baked into each track will snap out at you immediately – as any great pop track should.

“Cloud Creep” has quite the surf rock tinge, which is surprising coming from a band based in the cooler climes of Minnesota. That’s not to say you can expect sunshine and bright guitars, however. On the contrary, “Cloud Creep” is somewhat murky and features an almost subversive vocal delivery that belies the indelible hooks that Crimes throw at you with abandon. Those somber tones are ones you’ll want to sink into again and again.

The foursome are releasing a brand new LP on May 3rd titled Thin Sunlight. It’s already available for streaming and pre-order on their Bandcamp. You can stream “Cloud Creep” below.

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