Stream: Cousin Matt – Pelican

0 Posted by - 03/01/2014 - One Timer

I have to admit some trepidation when opening an e-mail from an artist named Cousin Matt. It definitely gave me some current season Justified flashbacks. That and only in places like where I grew up do people refer to a family member as cousin so-and-so, which is probably not the best look for a modern day pop act.

These two cousins from NY and Atlanta make it work. “Pelican” has electric production, pulling you into the water fowl laden narrative of “parading (her) way down south” with a relentless energy. That sounds a little strange to read – potentially silly even – but the work of Cousin Matt is the kind of music that latches on insidiously as you curiously hit repeat to listen again and again. By the time you’ve made up your mind, you already know the words and realize your mind was made up ten minutes ago. You love it.

It’s top down to the top of your lungs pop music.

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