Stream: Cosmo Sheldrake – Solar

2 Posted by - 04/03/2014 - One Timer

“Solar” features words taken from a William Blake poem titled ‘I Rose Up At The Dawn of Day’ – a nice pairing with Cosmo’s first “official” single “The Moss”.

I rose up at the dawn of day—
Get thee away! get thee away!
Pray’st thou for riches? Away! away!

Coincidentally, I also arose at the dawn of day when a solicitor awoke me from a rather nice slumber. I cried ‘get thee away!’ but he wanted to ask me some questions.¹ Sheldrake’s unique sound is most noticeable in the intro (in fact, it’s a dead ringer for “The Fly”), but the one thing I’ve grown to enjoy from this gentleman is the attention to creating an tongue-trapping hook or melody.

It seems like no matter the subject – whether a poem or a myriad of literature inspirations or even some random guttural sounds² – this dude from London has his finger on the pulse, creating tracks that endure on playlist after playlist around these parts.

Cosmo Sheldrake’s first single drops on April 21st. Pre-order it here.

¹ I was not enthused. Come in the mid afternoon, please! Actually, don’t come at all. Thanks.

² “Prefusify” is everything to love about Mr. Sheldrake packed in three minutes. Eerie, forested melodies and a cult-style electronic chant that is completely unintelligible yet firmly endearing…what more can you ask for?

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