Stream: Coldplay x Porter Robinson: Midnight Voices (The Kite String Tangle Edit)

0 Posted by - 03/07/2014 - One Timer

I might have put up four total mashups in the four years this blog has existed…but when there’s a good one, there’s a good one. You just gotta go with it, ya know? Today we have a mashup of Coldplay’s track “Midnight” with Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices”. “Midnight Voices” is a pixie dust ride on an electric voyage.

The Kite String Tangle worked straight out dirty voodoo when wedding these two tracks; a simple listen to each individually shows just how prime they were for this engagement. I hadn’t yet heard Coldplay’s single – I’ve attempted to move on from deep attachment to their earlier work – but it’s actually pretty good, I’ll have to say. I couldn’t get enough of “Sea of Voices”, however.

As the mashup gains new life the back third, the magic becomes clear.

Shoutout to Acid Stag for being where I laid ears on this first.

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