Stream: COIN – Atlas

0 Posted by - 08/14/2013 - One Timer

Received this sweet morsel of pop via a tip from All Things Go (<3) and it made an immediate impact on the volume knob. After an approximate 50% increase in amplitude, it became evident that both (A) Coin were a band I should know and (B) “Atlas” was likely to move heads and feet. Regulars might recall that I use the Sirens Jr. litmus test…I play particularly dance-y or otherwise poppy tracks for my three year old son and just watch his reaction (hint: he likes to dance). I should really video it and make a feature out of it, but I’d have to ask him for permission first and he’s notoriously media shy. Needless to say, it’s both startlingly accurate and hilarious. He knows what’s good, and “Atlas” is superb.

Outside of that earworm of a chorus, my biggest crush on “Atlas” comes in the form of whatever is making that ridiculously dreamy Zelda-8-bit-music-in-the-water synth or key note that recurs again and again in the background of the single. I honestly don’t know what it is, but damn if it doesn’t add some character.

I said Coin were a band I should know. That goes doubly because they are from Nashville, TN, which means they are local. How did I miss them? Grab a free download of “Atlas” by liking Coin on Facebook. Once again, thanks to Will @ All Things Go for the heads up.

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