Stream: Chicane Theory – Happily After

0 Posted by - 03/25/2013 - One Timer

The Minneapolis music scene continues to infiltrate Sirens of Decay with a new track from Chicane Theory. This one is pulled from the group’s upcoming LP Things Look Up Again. Titled “Happily After”, the lo-fi and fuzz laden hi-jinks you’re used to hearing here on the blog are abandoned in favor of a more straightforward rocking sound, not unlike some of those great albums of your youth.

Chicane Theory is the project of Nicholas Roesler and the band’s new LP Things Look Up Again also features Peter Anderson on the percussion and Casey Viroc laying down some additional vox and guitars on various tracks. Lead single “Happily After” rips right into your ears with a very memorable riff (the proverbial “meat”), followed up nicely by the “potatoes” of the project, Roesler’s vocals. I’m not sure everything else would quite go without them. He lays sermon in a withdrawn tone over the squealing guitars, sucking you into the world of Chicane Theory.

This track is so interesting for me because it’s really two separate machines coming together to form an interesting union. That electric riff just prods at your eardrums incessantly, begging you to get up and get with it. After the drop of each chorus, the verses lull you into this hypnotic spiral of guitar and vocals. Both parts are quite captivating. I sort of get stuck in this strange no man’s land between following the riff and following the words of the song there…I feel like that might have been the band’s intention. It’s an intriguing aspect for a band with a sound that you wouldn’t normally label as one that is highly reflective or philosophical.

Whatever your tastes, there’s obviously a lot more substance to the sound of Chicane Theory than you might suspect from a 30 second clip. It’s just rock and roll from another great Minneapolis outfit with no contrivance or pre-conceived bullshit.

IT SURE DOESN”T SOUND HAPPILY (EVER) AFTER…but happiness is fleeting, music is forever. While it ain’t singing about sunshine and roses, Chicane Theory will still light up your ears in a hurry. You just gotta push play.

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