Stream: Champs – Savannah

0 Posted by - 11/26/2013 - One Timer

Though unfamiliar with Champs, I am familiar with champions. The vile New England Patriots, untold Manchester United teams, the Boston Red Sox, and even those goddamn Chicago Blackhawks and Miami Heat. All champions. There are also Michael and David Champion, the brother/brother duo behind this musical venture. I wonder how many small, silent prayers they have directed towards being thankful for receiving such amazing surnames?

“Savannah” is both a grower and a shower. The brothers Champion have a kind of psych rock style harmony here, where their vocals almost ripple from ear to ear in your headphones. Sonic-ally they alternate from peaceful to a more upbeat, energetic style that is so ridiculously easy to fall in love with.

They appear to have very little back catalog to their name, currently, but with more efforts like “Savannah” I’d imagine the bandwagon will begin to expand in a hurry.

You can pre-order Down Like Gold, which features this track, via this link. It’s out February 24th.

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