Stream: Catching Flies – Stay Forever

0 Posted by - 08/05/2013 - One Timer

It’s unofficial catch-up day today on the blog, as I went through the back end of the inbox with a fine tooth comb last night. I have a weird filing system that results in all the emails I didn’t listen to being sorted into a separate folder, a purgatory if you will, where eventually I may circle back to them. It’s not the most reliable process, but as a one man band it’s the only process I’ve got.

Back on topic, I searched the inbox and found this track by Catching Flies called “Stay Forever”. The person behind Catching Flies sent it to me in early June and I never listened. In my defense, I was out for about two weeks there and didn’t really post much of anything by anyone, but still…this is a pretty sweet track.

“Stay Forever” has layers and layers of beautiful production, tied together with a neat little ribbon by some interesting vox manipulations (or samples, I’m not sure). I wish I did something half so awesome at age 22. It’s part of a five track EP (three originals, two remixes) put out by Catching Flies titled The Long Journey Home, which you may stream in full on Soundcloud. It’s an engaging listen, and while “Stay Forever” is a favorite I also have a soft spot for “Grey Skies”.

Purchase it on iTunes.

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