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“Sinking Ships” has an elusive quality to it; it’s not entirely in the realm of electronic or the realm of pop. I’ve never been a big fan of instrumental music, guitar or electronic. When cool ass beats and atmosphere is combined with some good vocals though…so good. Mostly it straddles the line between the two with a sweeping atmosphere backed by a steady pulsing beat and vocals that you might find on your favorite guitar driven indie band’s next single.

This kind of combination is always lethal to my speakers…I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Add just a touch of darkness and you have Capitals.

Capitals are a two piece from Edinburgh who, along with sharing the name of my favorite hockey team, also possess a little more lyrical moxie than most of their electro-pop contemporaries. The songs have some substance on top of sounding like they were made while Capitals might have been on some substances of their own. I’m torn between “Sinking Ships” and “Jealousy” as to which is my favorite.

One or the other will be on the Sirens of Decay playlist though, that’s a given.

The Jealousy/Sinking Ships Double A Side came out on March 12th and you can pick it up for whatever you want to pay via Bandcamp.

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