Stream: Cage The Elephant – Come A Little Closer

0 Posted by - 08/09/2013 - One Timer

It would figure I’d be out of town and heading back to Knoxville right as Cage The Elephant dropped their much anticipated new single. Theoretically, I would’ve had this up yesterday within minutes of the track going live…unfortunately, I’ve lacked an internet connection for the past 24 hours. All the posts in the past 36 hours or so were on auto-pilot. All the posts you’ll see later today and tomorrow are as well. I couldn’t go all that time without throwing up this new Cage track, though.

As by far and away the biggest band to come out of my adopted hometown in Bowling Green, KY, I’ve been curious to see what we’d get from Cage The Elephant on their third LP. “Come A Little Closer” feels more psychedelic than singles in the past, though it’s by no means less agreeable on the ears. The hook is as contagious as ever, soaring as it does in the soft/loud/soft manner.

What’s a Melophobia, anyway? Fear of Mello Yello? Fear of melodramatics? Fear of Carmelo Anthony? I’m not sure, but it’s the name of this new LP. Let’s hope we hear more of it soon.

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