Stream: Burnt Ones – Fountain Of Youth

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youllneverDistortion, smoke, and zeal are three words to describe Burnt Ones quite well. Their crunchy songs are a notable endeavor in the hybridization of pop songwriting with lo-fi garage hairdressing – a style of which I am a hopeless fanatic (or is it romantic?).

Letting loose their latest single via premiere with the great Everybody Taste, Burnt Ones are prepared to lay waste to your ears and all other music competing for your attention with this single and the forthcoming LP that it was plucked from. You’ll Never Walk Alone is the name of Burnt Ones’ second LP, and it has crossed my mind that they could potentially be fans of Liverpool FC. If so, my wife will love them even more. Or they could just like that particular song…or the title could have nothing to do with either of those things. Alas.

As for new single “Fountain Of Youth”, it’s not as immediately catchy as, for example, “Protection Circle” was. I believe it encapsulates the Burnt Ones appeal very well. Not flashy, not showy. Burnt Ones are grainy and gritty. They have a sound that has more in common with folks who have farmer’s tans instead of spray on perfection. They are more at home in those roadside dive bars you come across if you bother to take something besides the interstate on your way to see the family. Just sit back and jam with ’em.

TAPPED MY FOOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH BECAUSE…for a crunchy, dirty sounding rock song it’s actually quite stately. It’s got a good groove beneath that fuzz.

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