Stream: Body Parts – Unavoidable Things

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New week, warm weather slowly winding down. It’s alternated between downpour and cloudy here for most of the last four of five days – the last thing Nashville area needs is more rain, but we keep getting it. Still, we continue plodding on towards that crisp fall weather, colorful leaves, and the inevitable freezing temperatures and snow. Feels right, even if it is a nuisance once it gets here.

Another thing that feels right: Body Parts. Not so clever puns non-withstanding, the LA-based pop group sent “Unavoidable Things” into the wild today and I’ve spent the last hour or so with it on repeat. The track was penned with an eye towards “the increasingly impersonal nature of the modern world”, a subject that has actually been revolving around my own discussions in a pop culture class I’m taking in college. With everything whiz and gadget-y at our disposal, we’ve kind of forgotten each other. Text you later? Kthxbye.

“Unavoidable Things” is a synth dance track at first blush, while the subject matter is a little darker when you delve into it. Referencing his fire dream (doubling as the LP’s title), and everyone burning but not being dead yet, Bach’s story is cleverly placed against these fun, pulsing sounds. If anything, I’m curious where Body Parts are going next to with this “fire dream” – the story seems unfinished in this new single leaving me questioning if I’m reading too much into it.

In the meantime, push play and inject these harmonies and surging synths to your headphones – the week is just beginning, it’s one of those unavoidable things.

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