Song of the Week (Stream): Body Parts – Rest While You Sleep

0 Posted by - 02/20/2013 - One Timer

I found this new Body Parts track in my Soundcloud stream. They are signed to New Professor Music, who has released some  of the David Shane Smith music that I have covered in my time here with Sirens. I follow them on Soundcloud and stumbled upon “Rest While You Sleep” by accident – the new Soundcloud just keeps playing right through your stream til you tell it to stop. I never told it to stop, and I was inadvertently introduced to Body Parts.

“Rest While You Sleep” sounded like a motivational speech set to an early 90’s pop track to my unfocused ears. Summery electronics twinkle behind a surprisingly strong, full male vocal lead intoning you to “rest while you sleep” and “just be yourself” – you can see why I thought it was a motivational track, yes? No? Well then, you see what had happened…

often life is an accident that just happens to you // it’s okay, it’s okay, you will fail, it’s okay // first you will try and do the best that you can

It was probably the third time through the track that it really clicked with me. I feel a bit foolish now admitting it took that long for me to fall in love with it. I admit to running the gamut of opinions initially. Here was my conversation with myself: Is it actually motivational? Not really. Well, kinda? Hokey? A little, but in a good way. Catchy? Yeah, it’s growing on me. Light? Very, it’s like a weight is lifted when listening to the track. So? It’s good, but I can’t really explain why I like it so much.

That’s pretty much the nail on the head. I can’t really explain whatever it is that will get you to listen to Body Parts. I just think you should. It’ll make you feel better or maybe even feel better about yourself, and your ears will love it.

If I had any criticism at all, it would be that singer Ryder Bach looks like he tweaked his shoulder on the album cover. That looks like a signature rotator cuff issue. He should get that checked out. Also, as a fairly new parent I have to say, if Ryder Bach is indeed the Body Parts founder’s real name…smooth. Your parents deserve kudos.

Kudos, Bach parents. Well played.

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