Stream: Best Friends – Happy Anniversary

0 Posted by - 08/20/2013 - One Timer

Everything you wanted from a band named Best Friends and more is delivered in “Happy Anniversary”, part of a double A-side 7″ to be released shortly on Art is Hard Records. Haven’t caught em yet? Nor I, nor I, sir or ma’am, but we shall remedy that together. They originated in Sheffield and have been delivering WWF and noise inspired rock since, well, sometime previous to this point.

“Happy Anniversary” starts out like any melodramatic psychedelic rocker, only to evolve into a jangly mix of bright guitars with crunchy distortion hidden just behind. Reminiscent of the grungy rock of the early 90’s, raw, passionate vox rip out of your speakers while the guitars chug along around you. “Happy Anniversary” is a Hollywood action film, but with a better script and a twist that actually makes sense.

The final cataclysm of noise was what rock music was made for, so you listen to your heart’s content. You earned it, best friend.

Pre-order your own 7″ vinyl edition of Happy Anniversary/Nosebleeds via Art is Hard Records and get a comic book and a pretty sweet luchador t-shirt. It’s out September 23rd.

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