Stream: Belgian Fog – Loveless Way

0 Posted by - 02/25/2014 - One Timer

The return of Belgian Fog is always a good day in Kentucky, even though he’s from miles away. The track popped online yesterday and I got to listen to it a few rounds, but I was out for the majority of the day and didn’t get to post it up.

“Loveless Way” butters up your ears with a flurry of synth and electronics, providing an upbeat backdrop to a set of lyrics normally reserved for the doldrums. They are possibly a little too honest for some folks liking. I’d love to have the lyrics in front of me to really dissect the track, but alas I do not.

I’ve noticed with Belgian Fog that he’s a man who likes to drive the pace. All three of his tracks have a healthy gait which is a fairly uncommon thing in electronic pop, at least in this blogger’s inbox. I dig it.

There’s still no place I know of to buy Belgian Fog tracks or download them. S’ok though, you can keep pushing play on Soundcloud like I do.

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