Stream: BASECAMP – All The She Wants (Ace of Base Cover)

0 Posted by - 03/03/2014 - One Timer

The first two songs I can remember from my childhood are “Thriller” and “I Saw The Sign”, the absolute smash hit of my third and fourth grade choir classes. We didn’t get a lot of mainstream tunes in my little elementary school tucked deep on the outskirts of an equally tiny town. Ace of Base was a life-changing revelation for some of us tots raised on a steady diet of gospel and country music in the Appalachians.

In a recurring theme for this wintry Monday, another Nashville group has released a new track…this time a cover of Ace of Base’s chart buster “All That She Wants”. The only thing I would’ve expected less than several inches of ice and snow on March 4th would be an Ace of Base cover, but BASECAMP did the damn thing and they did it up pretty good.

BASECAMP’s “ATSW” is a darker, more troubled version of the track. Where the original found it’s way to that same lighthearted pop sound Ace of Base was known for, “ATSW” is laden with heavy echoing beats and a somber tone. It’s a beautiful rendition.

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