Stream: Bad Things – Anybody

0 Posted by - 08/03/2013 - One Timer

Searching through my Soundcloud feed, I got that beautiful little orange dot at the top that told me to refresh…there’s something new in the feed! It was Bad Things with their second track, this one titled “Anybody”. The new track is a movement towards more of a rock ‘n roll sound, and again I will remain amazed if this track isn’t extremely popular. “Caught Inside” never caught on quite like I expected (though it did have 70,000 plays), so maybe my opinion means little.

The most notable difference between “Caught Inside” and “Anybody” you’ll hear is the rawness. There’s more grit and fuzz here, with vocals that are now as much accusatory as they are plaintive. It’s also completely geared for the mainstream. You could easily hear this on the radio on the way home from work. That’s not always a bad thing, and this Bad Things track is pretty enjoyable.

I still don’t know even the most minor details about this band, but that’s fine I suppose. I’ll just listen to the music. It doesn’t really matter anyway.

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