Song of the Week (Stream): Bad Bad Hats – Super America

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ithurts“Super America” hits that itchy spot on your back you just can’t seem to get to. I don’t even know where to begin. Kerry Alexander’s voice is fetching, and on this track in particular there’s this additional twang in her vocals (not unlike the actual twang of my own southern accent) that really endears itself, and her, and her band to my eardrums. She wants a sweet tea, an icee, and a Pepsi, and (my favorite) a Reese’s, but mostly just a heart that won’t break. We can all sympathize.

I’ve struggled for a bit trying to describe this band, but it really comes down to the fact that Bad Bad Hats is whimsical pop that is NOT expertly crafted. Their sound is quirky, bleeding this kind of realism and sincerity that only a fresh face and voice can bring. It doesn’t appear that they sat and hemmed and hawed for days over what to write or how to sound. The instrumentation is functional and forward, moving the song along and keeping the mood light while never getting in the way.

While I’m not naive enough to proclaim the Bad Bad Hats sound as “new”, it is certainly refreshing. It’s near impossible for you to listen to this track and not crack a smile. I do have one bone to pick with Bad Bad Hats though. All of my friends from the northern states have always talked about how there is no “sweet tea” (at least not at restaurants and the like, whereas it is everywhere here), only “tea”. “Sweet tea” is a southern thing, they say, and something more than a few acquaintances have found weird.

So, Bad Bad Hats, put on your Mythbusters hats and solve this dilemma for me while I keep listening to your golden rays of pop. Is sweet tea as popular in MN as in TN? Check yes or no.

I GOT THE SUPER AMERICA BLUES WHEN…this gem ended, so I pressed repeat and listened again. Damn, it’s good to hear something with that injects sunshine through your eardrums. Makes the day (or night, in this case) better. Oh, did I mention you can download the entire It Hurts EP containing “Super America” for free? Just click here and insert your e-mail.

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