Stream: Atlas Genius – If So

0 Posted by - 02/06/2013 - One Timer

I found “If So” on MFR, and immediately recognized the song. A quick check of the internet seemed to locate the song’s origin on other music blogs within the last few days. Immediately I found that weird…how would I know the song, virtually word for word, yet it just now start to flood the masses? I pondered and googled. Then it hit me.

FIFA 13! I played too much FIFA last fall and this track is included on that soundtrack.

This track is very reminiscent of latter-day Kings of Leon with a slightly more electronic inclination. For some, this is a condemnation. Personally, I can get with some Kings when the mood is right so this track is a great addition.

Going off this single track, I would say Atlas Genius have a very “big box” sound (or arena ready sound if you prefer), much more so than most anything else that pops up here at Sirens. As I said above, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “If So” will shoot through your brain waves and into your veins quick – no need to fight back.

Atlas Genius are releasing their debut LP When It Was Now on February 19th.

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