Stream: Alligator Indian – PUF//FIN

0 Posted by - 08/16/2013 - One Timer

Every week(ish) I write a feature called Face Off where I attempt to find tracks/artists I haven’t heard and blab about them. It’s more interesting than it sounds, at least for me, because I generally have no clue what in the hell to say about them (that’s the point). Alligator Indian’s new track “PUF//FIN” is ensuring that I’m going to be doing that right here in a one-timer for no good reason other than intrigue.

Straight up, I have no clue what to say about this track. I like it, but is it cool to say that it makes me feel a little uncomfortable? I think it’s a testament to the craft, myself, but we’ll have to ask Alligator Indian on that. Labeled industrial pop, “PUF//FIN” reminds me a bit of the work of David Shane Smith with a little more pop flair and an equal amount of WTF (creepy crawlers, man) when it comes to this blogger’s attempt at description and depiction.

If you’re in to things that are a bit off beat, different in some way, or just new sounds in general you should blast this “PUF//FIN” track. Some of you music heads might have a label for this outside of avant-garde and call me a tool, and it may sound like an “X”, “Y”, and “Z” that I’ve never heard of…for most of you, though, I hope you find it as strange and entertaining as I did.

You can grab this track and “Corpsing” on the Alligator Indian bandcamp as a free download.

P.S. That album art is sexy. Buzzing sound all around me.

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