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0 Posted by - 03/28/2013 - One Timer

Air Review are a Dallas folk-pop band that you should be investigating ASAP. After getting my ears on a few tracks from their latest LP, Low Wishes, I found myself a little jealous of the ease at which they seem to produce infectious music.

It doesn’t hurt (for me at any rate), that these dudes are a mite older than the regular indie outfit that I post. I’m used to seeing teens and early 20’s folks for the most part…Air Review features five fellas who are just past 30. Read as, more towards my own age bracket. Just goes to show it doesn’t take your wonder years for you to produce something amazing from nothing.

“Young” is a catchy track, no bones about it, but that’s not what sets it apart. The whistles, the whoa-oh melodies, and those highly contagious hand claps are something to die for. Soothing and gentle, Air Review have created a tiny piece of sonic bliss with “Young”.

You are now required to head to iTunes and purchase Low Wishes. That is all.

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  • James R 03/28/2013 - 5:33 PM

    Great find! Awesome track