Song of the Week (Stream): Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Flaws

1 Posted by - 02/26/2014 - One Timer

Listening to Vancouver Sleep Clinic is a lot like being trapped in one of those foggy Pacific Northwestern forests we see on TV and in films so much. Of course, he’s from Brisbane, Australia so that doesn’t entirely add up. Maybe Tim Bettison has a teleporter? I suppose it’s more likely he’s just a brilliant teenager with a wonderful creative mind and a hell of an imagination.

[pullquote align=”left”]Grace bestowed, but I was shaped with snow, seasons don’t change, ignorance remains[/pullquote]

While Vancouver Sleep Clinic is one of those acts that drives those of us in our late twenties crazy – he’s seventeen, maybe eighteen now, with two (now three) absolute gems under his belt and worldwide recognition (feel bad yet?) – his talent is also the very thing that inspires us to blog, or to listen to songs on a blog, or get up every day. You never know when you’ll see or hear something beautiful. Today, we’re lucky to hear “Flaws”.

There are artists who come around that put out a release, sometimes two, in their careers and you just get lost in them. They capture a moment, a memory, or a feeling and you make a one track playlist and listen to ad nauseum in bliss. I’d like to point out Mr. Bettison has done this three times with his first three tracks. “Flaws” features the repeated refrain “I need this alone” cried out above the dense ethereal beauty that surrounds the track. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is odd in that regard; this is music for solitary, lonesome times, yet we cannot wait to share it with everyone. Its brilliant stuff, no doubt.

After a lengthy wait, VSC is releasing his debut EP Winter on March 10th. You can pre-order it at this link.

On top of the three tracks we know, it will also feature new tracks “Stakes”, “(Aftermath)”, and “Rebirth”.

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