Song of the Week (Stream): Tallowood – Night Slides

8 Posted by - 03/12/2014 - Noteworthy

Often, a chance e-mail or discovery creates a snowball effect that shows new artists to my (proverbial) door. Case in point, a producer named Nite Runner reworked a track I loved by Twiggy Lashes and I featured him in Red Lights #15. Turns out, he has a side project with his brother called Tallowood and the couple of tracks they’ve released thus far are amazing.

Tallowood is the electronic duo of Daniel Suesskow (Nite Runner) and his brother Cale Suesskow (of the Brisbane group Mitzi). Housed in Brisbane as well, I’m fairly shocked someone hasn’t already picked them up and spread them across the galaxy interwebs.

“Night Slides” is a dazzling piece of electro-influenced pop with heart-grabbing synths and demure vocals; the single grips you with melancholy soundscapes before morphing into an urgent dance inspired number for the briefest of moments. Tallowood nailed it with style, here. I kind of have a crush on it.

“Too Late” awakens your hips and toes a bit with its steady, driving bass and breathy lyrics. I’d peg “Too Late” as the “true” single of the two tracks, bringing the house influence to bear and being a mite more versatile in playlist accessibility. No doubt folks will find it irresistible.

Happy coincidences are the best kind. My discovery of Tallowood was nothing but that, but I am sincerely glad for the happenstance. I’ll keep ears to the ground for more from the Brisbane duo. You keep pressing play.

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