Song of the Week (Stream): Sales – Renee

0 Posted by - 08/23/2013 - One Timer

It’s Friday, August 23rd. Time for the weekend, yadda yadda, gonna have fun. Fun time, party, stay out all night, live life, yeah. Not necessarily. It’s been a wild few weeks around Bowling Green way and it’s time to relax. Sit on the deck, stare at that massive (but waning) moon and enjoy being alive.

How incredibly awesome is a duo named Sales? Seriously, no one else tried that name? Their Bandcamp address? You think Bandcamp is mad, bro? It’s genius. Ridiculous, but still genius. None of you probably care about such trivial things as link stylings and URL puns, but when you click as many as I do in the inbox per day you gotta enjoy the little things.

Sales are a duo from Orlando, Florida consisting of Jordan Shih (aka JSHIH) and Lauren Morgan (U.S.A-HOLES and DE NADA). How to describe Sales? Soothing, pure, gentle. A tender breeze as you relax in the sun, no worries. “Renee” was their debut single and I’m absolutely smitten. With Morgan’s reassuring vox and the mellow production of Jordan Shih, my only regret is that they don’t have a full album out yet.

Sales are dropping a 7″ featuring “Renee” and the unreleased “Tonka Time” which you can pre-order via their aforementioned Bandcamp. It’s out on September 30th, just as summer closes.

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