Song of the Week (Stream): Saint Yorda – Disco

0 Posted by - 08/05/2013 - One Timer

The falsetto chorus in this Saint Yorda track is worth at least one hundred and fifty suns, wouldn’t you say? Maybe you disagree. You shouldn’t though. Pop is a truly hit and miss endeavor for the listener. More than any other genre, all it takes is a little too much of any one thing to go from a great pop track (and act) to being labeled as fake, too earnest, a teenie-bopper, too dark, overtly sexual, stale, un-original, or the dreaded no-longer-has-it. I’m not sure where most artists cross this line for folks, but it’s a fickle listener base that never seems to know what it wants until after it’s already had it (in my opinion of course).

Where does that leave Saint Yorda? I don’t rightly know. This is the only track I’ve ever heard from them, and I only encountered it while following links that another artist sent, which lead me to All Things Go and this post about “Disco”. They’ve got great ears over at ATG, and it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with this number. “Disco” has a beautiful recurring electronic melody that reminds me very much of another track I loved this year, “Ghost” by Sir Sly. It took me a minute to put my finger on it as we’re talking two entirely different sounds, but when I pieced it together I found it to be an interesting tidbit.

There’s a lot more than the occasional key-led melody to love here. The vocal tracks float above a soft rumble of rhythm, leading the near-spoken verses to provide a lot of the mid song melody and pulling it off quite stunningly. When that glorious little bass and drum line drops in behind the a-capella falsetto refrain,  you’re gonna ask yourself why you didn’t already have Saint Yorda on your radar.

This track looks like it’ll be out on the Saint Yorda Bandcamp on August 23rd. It’s also showing on iTunes as having a second track titled “Great Northern”. You can pre-order it there as well.

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