Song of the Week (Stream): Parks, Squares, and Alleys – Forest

0 Posted by - 08/15/2013 - One Timer

Got this by way of the inbox a couple days back and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. This is my first foray into the music of Parks, Squares, and Alleys, but after this trip into the “Forest” I feel comfortable extrapolating that there will indeed be further journeys. The combination of synths and reserved vocals strikes me in the top left portion of the chest, also known as the heart, providing a spark of inspiration in an otherwise unremarkable day.

PSA is the project of a 19 year old named Sergei Khavro – he hails from Khabarovsk, Russia which you may recognize as not from the usual countries we receive startlingly incandescent pop gems from. I’m going to secretly file him into the same category as my love for Capitals hockey and enjoy the ties.

“Forest” is compelling because of the shoegaze elements Mr. Khavro shrouded within an otherwise buoyant pop structure. I’ve heard a ton of good stuff this week, but this is one track I keep coming back to. You can download “Forest” and Parks, Squares, and Alleys first single “Youth” via Bandcamp.

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