Song of the Week (Stream): M O T H E R – Victim

2 Posted by - 03/20/2014 - Noteworthy

Those Mother folks are back with “Victim”, an agonizingly (in a good way) slow burner that has somehow upped the ante from their previous hit “Easy”. Where the previous single felt like the anthem of an anti-hero, “Victim” is the story of those who loved him and were left in his wake. We’re not many tracks in and Mother have shown a remarkable ability to rip every bit of hook out of each composition, embedding the words “Victim” and “Easy” in your head faster than Walter White could concoct a lie to his associates.

All those metaphors aside, Mother are as amazing as you can be with only two singles under your belt. When you drive around late at night after a bad day thinking of all the things you could do to get revenge on the culprit or culprits, the bowler-hat-meets-neons sound of Mother will be your Polaris.

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