Song of the Week (Stream): Josef Salvat – This Life

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I discovered this Josef Salvat guy three days ago, browsing the excellent blog over at Hand Clap Movement. I receive great music, but so does everyone of us. None of us really receive the same thing, so it’s kind of like being one of those penny pinching coupon cutting mom’s you all probably know. You gotta hit more than one store to get the good stuff. Same thing with blogs – you gotta look around and see what’s out there.

I just need to tell my story, if you’re drunk I’ll get done quicker

Josef Salvat is from Australia and he’s apparently a musical savant, or alternatively one of the luckiest dudes in the indie music scene currently. His track, “This Life” (see blow), is absolutely thrilling. It’s an amazing pop track, one of the better ones I’ve heard since I started blogging three years ago. Shit is good. This may be that new car shine talking, but when you hear this guy singing and the dark-synth pop sounds backing him I feel you’ll agree he’s something special.

He’s set the internet ablaze with this track and for good reason. Hell, I loved it so much I even included a remix of “This Life” by Phat Deuce (real name! honest!) in my April playlist because I was going MP3 only. It’s also a pretty good remix, so that didn’t hurt.

I’ve got the heart of a hustler, with a hustler’s pain

Not to end on that note, Salvat’s latest track is “Hustler”.  This is a neat track because he basically tells the tale of being a hustler through soft spoken verses and a thunderous chorus. I actually love the instrumentation of “Hustler” more than anything, but Salvat’s lyrical/story-telling skills shine through just fine. Tracks with substance or story always have a special place here at Sirens.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: hustle to iTunes and cop

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    Hey, only found your blog today… great music… you are doing a great job here!