Song of the Week (Stream): FYFE – For You

2 Posted by - 05/07/2014 - Noteworthy

Today is my youngest son’s second birthday, a fact that is at once both astounding and scary. Astounding because it seems like he’s been here with me forever at this point. As a parent of two I can hardly remember a time without my boys, to be honest. It’s also scary because it’s hard to keep track of where the time went over the last two years.

FYFE’s “For You” seemed appropriate for the occasion as Paul Dixon croons “every thing I do, every little thing I do for you” a top pianos and eventually one of the most fabulous saxophone inclusions that has ever hit the Sirens inbox. This track is top shelf, feels-inducing pop that is not be missed. I’m totally enamored with it. I could listen to the outro by itself ad nauseum, but then I might drink more daily wine than necessary for a functional adult.

Put it on constant repeat like I have. In the meantime, happy birthday little guy! Your old man loves you very much!

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