Song of the Week (Stream): Buffalo Rodeo – Treehouse

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Song of the Week time here at Sirens.

Buffalo Rodeo are a Bowling Green, KY band with a new EP on the way titled Home Videos. They released “Treehouse” yesterday and I’ve been jamming to it pretty hard over the past day. Grab those gas masks, folks. “Treehouse” is straight infectious.

Opening with thundering drums and wild guitars, Buffalo Rodeo’s energy will put you in a joyous state as early as yesterday. The verses are something of a relief after the breakneck pace of the intro and refrains, with a steady rhythm section and a sweet little bass line to tide you over to the breathless chorus.

Ten bucks says you’ll be singing this one while making/picking up dinner tonight. It’s truly as contagious as my woeful gas mask comparison implies; breakneck, playful, and every bit the type of joyous noise that any indie rock fan can get behind.

If I had to sell you on this track and this band, and I guess that’s what I’m doing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the best part. It’s not that ridiculously catchy chorus or the strong segues Buffalo Rodeo has built to go from restrained to relentless at the drop of a hat. It’s not even that wonderfully subtle synth that adds a lot of the fun to sound of “Treehouse”, nor the beautiful male/female harmonization you hear at certain parts of the track. No sir. Those things are all great, but that’s not where I’d put my money.

It’s these badass breakdowns. Unorthodox and unexpected, they’re easily my favorite part of this song.

Heard of Operation Ivy and their ilk, have you? Well, these Bowling Green dudes bring a little of their own ska and maybe a hint of reggae into the Buffalo Rodeo sound with some of the sweetest breakdowns I’ve gotten my ears on in a good bit. These are the little things that make great songs, and that’s the main reason this is my song of the week.

HOUSE IN THE TREES WHERE NOBODY KNOWS…but now you know. Home Videos is gonna be some good stuff. Buffalo Rodeo also have some other sweet tracks on their Bandcamp, so go check ’em out. Not to be forgotten in all this, this is the first hometown band I’ve reviewed from our (fairly) new location in Bowling Green. Do us both a solid and lend Buffalo Rodeo your ears.

As for “Treehouse”, you can purchase the single at this link or just hit the buy link on the player below.

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