Song of the Week (Stream): Ben Khan – Drive (Part 1)

0 Posted by - 07/23/2013 - One Timer

Sirens is rapidly approaching it’s one thousandth post since switching to the WordPress platform from Tumblr. I have no clue how many posts we have aggregated across both platforms, because there was a good portion lost in the shuffle and so forth. That has everything and nothing to do with Ben Khan, the artist who delivered this amazing track I’m about to discuss. Everything, because I think his excellent debut “Drive (Part 1)” embodies the quality of the artists posted to Sirens of Decay, and nothing because this track is a mere 978 out of the aforementioned thousand. If it were a limited edition, it wouldn’t be a very valuable number, you see.

“Drive (Part 1)” is incredibly valuable though – quite worthy of high praise and every bit the kind of track you’d label “song of the week” or that I’d throw in my “Noteworthy” section. I’m unable to work up a note at the moment to complete the “Noteworthy” label, however, so Mr. Khan will have to settle for merely being recognized as the producer of my favorite track of this week and the last few weeks, combined. Truth is, I’ve been listening to “Drive (Part 1)” since the day it dropped in my lap (11 days ago on July 12th), but I really never got the inclination to write about it. No worthy words popped into my head. Yeah, it’s great, the breathy vocals and there’s no doubt that the warbling, dark production is exquisite…but that’s about all I had for it. I just kept listening, and kept it to myself.

What changed, then? Nothing, really. I just wanted to share with you something I enjoyed. Apparently a lot of other folks have enjoyed it as well. Sometimes, I’m learning, you don’t really need a lot of flowery words to get your message across. I don’t know that I’m all that successful with that approach, but Ben Khan certainly is.

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