Song of the Week (MP3): Weird Mob – School For Akters

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You may have noticed Weird Mob on my latest Shorthanded Goals recap. If not, don’t worry, I saved an even better track for your listening pleasure today.

What’s in a Weird Mob? Librarians. You read that correctly. Weird Mob are a Charlottesville, VA group consisting of two librarians, among other professions (five members total). Not the kind that told you to be quiet or put on the yearly Book Fair, nope. These librarians make poppy jams about some of the strangest subjects imaginable. They do a pretty spot up job of it too. To be quite sincere, even if their music had sucked I’d probably have written ’em up just to talk about librarians.

School for akters all along, taking notes on everyone

“School For Akters” has quite the interesting premise behind it’s lyricism: “This song was inspired by stories about a cult that lived in an abandoned movie theater in a small Virginia town who would put strange messages on the marquee of the theater and follow residents around town, taking copious notes.” Considering that I am from a small mining town in Virginia, I feel like posting that notsureifserious.gif. I could totally see this happening.

Weird Mob’s sound isn’t exactly lo-fi, but they possess a definite nostalgia for retro noise and maybe a touch of romanticism for the simplistic. Their biggest strength (on top of their awesome songwriting ideas) is their incredible ability to meld an amazing harmony of guitars and keys. The keys really stood out for me in this track – they create this outer space/twilight sensation…I also appreciate how no singular part of their ensemble dominates another.

raincoatIn the end, it all comes down to Gibson’s vocals and his particular style that provides some strangely sunny take on a movie theater cult. I’m gonna sound like an idiot here, but this song immediately made me think of the creepy movie theater “raincoat” cult guys in Dead Rising (if you’ve ever played that video game). They were a little more…violent than copious note takers, however. I could imagine those dudes just jamming all day and night to Weird Mob.

NOTHING RIGHT COULD BE SO WRONG…so we’ll call it all right. This is gonna go down as last week’s Song of the Week since I was out of town and missed this back then. Also, I’m in the market for a yellow raincoat, any sellers? Must have a hood. If I ever attend one of your shows, Weird Mob, I’ll be sure to bring it!

Purchase the 7 track EP They’re A Weird Mob on Bandcamp. You can even get the EP + an awesome shirt for only $8!

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