Song of the Week (MP3): Way Yes – Get Healed

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bostonstrongIn light of all the tragic events in Boston over the past several days, I felt it appropriate to leave this jam here as my song of the week.

Way Yes are a four piece from Columbus, Ohio setting up to release their LP Tog Pebbles. It’s a strange album name, and “Get Healed” is the first track I had ever heard from this awesome band. I am quite certain it won’t be the last I’ll hear from them, and likely will not be the last you’ll want to hear from them as well.

This song strikes a serious chord after this week’s events. I hesitated to “politicize” this track by Way Yes in this way without their consent. After all, everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs about everything, from music to terrorism. Ultimately, I decided that this is just a song. A great one at that, and one that could not be more fitting for how myself and my family feel after watching these horrid events. Hopefully you guys will agree.

We won’t forget the folks who lost their lives to a senseless act of violence – Officer Sean Collier, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and eight year old Martin Richard. Their memory will live on among us. Watch this video for proof of that.

I wanna see you get healed, I wanna see you laugh again, I would even pray again, just to see you get healed – Way Yes “Get Healed”

It’s also important that we don’t forget the folks who didn’t lose their lives – the amputees, the burn and shrapnel victims, and the first responders and bystanders who helped save that many more lives. They’ve still got a huge struggle ahead of them in order to recover and continue forward with their lives and their families’ lives. Let’s hope and/or pray, depending on your faith, that these folks recover and Boston itself comes back as strongly as New York City did over a decade ago.

Enjoy the beautiful track. You can download it via the Soundcloud player and pre-order Tog Pebbles at the Way Yes bandcamp.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you had thought about donating to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings but haven’t done so or didn’t know where to do so, the city of Boston itself has set up and is managing a fund called the One Fund Boston. Click that link to donate if you so desire.

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