Song of the Week (MP3): Night Panther – All For Love

0 Posted by - 04/22/2013 - One Timer

I was fairly certain I saw the Bat Signal(TM), but I couldn’t locate it in the sky. I looked and looked until “All For Love” came into my headphones. We already featured some musical bliss via Night Panther with “Fire” and “Lioness” in a Red Lights feature…”All For Love” is the dot on that “I” for my growing love for this band.

There is a lot going on in this track. Labeled as “sex pop”, I can see where these guys get it from. Killer vocals just blister out of your speakers a-la those great 80’s tracks your mother played, all above a surreptitiously fetching groove. I don’t know if you’re gonna need to sit down or keep standing; either way your feet will take over and do what God created them for, rest assured.

Let’s talk about dropping the hammer. 3:25 – that’s the point where glorious synth gives way to squealing guitar and thunderous percussion, hammering home the final minute plus of “All For Love”. This track is A+.

On a side note, I’m frankly astounded these dudes are from here in the US. Night Panther are from Doylestown, PA, it seems. I’ve got a lot of family who lives in Pennsylvania…they’ve never made anything like this.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS…thunderstruck grooves from Pennsylvania. What?! 

And on that note I am officially caught up on songs of the week.

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