Song of the Week (MP3): Body Parts – Desperation

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It’s been a couple Sundays since Body Parts had a new song for me to play way too loudly, but I came across “Desperation” on Saturday and I’ve been enjoying it since. It took me a minute to fall in love with it the same way I did “Rest While You Sleep”, but once the hooks are in it’s an undeniable blast of quirky pop.

I’ve never been a technical reviewer of music. There’s plenty of folks who are actually paid to do that, and not coincidentally plenty of folks who read them instead of me. I operate with a few less precise instruments: gut feelings and the eye (ear) test, some vague metaphors I happen to notice while listening and a rudimentary description of what the hell is actually going on within a track or album. All of those instruments say “feels good man” when I put on some Body Parts. It’s hard to write about Body Parts without delving into that technical aspect, though, which puts me in a weird position. They feel so structurally sound, so practiced that it’s both hard for me to zero in on things I love and simultaneous difficult to find anything to criticize. That’s right, I’m copping out and giving this a generic “it’s all good, yup!”

For example, I love a good beat. In particular, I love the beats featured in the too-much-smoke-machine-and-gaudy-glittering-outfit-music-video-nostalgia-style (TMSMGGOMVN style, for short) that permeated the 80’s music scene and has never met it’s match over the ensuing decades. If you listened ahead, you might have guessed that Body Parts packed one of those into this little gem. They did that for us because it sounds spectacular. Truly, the total package here is such irresistible pop magic that it’s a shame their upcoming album isn’t out until October 29th.

Speaking of which, you can pre-order Fire Dream via Father Daughter Records.

Oh, and out of respect (and in order to give shine) to the rest of the band I avoided referencing that one dude’s name. You know the one. Grab the MP3 of “Desperation” via the Soundcloud player below.

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