Sirens of Decay Is One Year Old!

0 Posted by - 10/03/2011 - One Timer

We started this thing on WordPress last year and in the beginning we did movies, music, and films. There were a million websites who did one, or the other, but not many that did all three. Unfortunately that model was not sustainable…it’s impossible to keep up with massive amount of new music, let alone new films every week plus an episode of several television shows. With only two men on staff and real lives to attend to, we shifted solely to music. It’s what we love and what we follow the closest.

Fast forward to a year later and here we are. We’ve been through four site layouts, a move to Tumblr, and numerous domain problems (due to Tumblr’s issue with custom domains). Despite it all, we have persisted, traffic continues to increase, and things are good. We don’t have to search high and low for music anymore…a lot of good music finds us. You can’t beat that.

I’d like to thank everyone who visits, even if you’ve only popped in here once in a blue moon. My goal when you visit is for you to find something new and exciting, every time, and I hope that what we have to say about these artists filters into your brain stem and then continues to spread on the down the line to your own friends and family.

All that said, in a reversal of the normal post format, you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook and we’d greatly appreciate it. If you’ve got questions, suggestions, music to send, or all three, send us an e-mail. We do have a bit of a backlog of new bands at the moment which we hope to get out this week, but don’t let that stop you from sending your stuff in. Also, don’t forget to click the Streampad below if you just wanna chill and listen to a massive mix of songs and not have to worry about picking them out yourself.

We have all kinds of good stuff coming up for you guys. Interviews with Color Radio (which will be up tonight) and The Dead Ships to name a couple, as well as some surprise giveaways of wonderful MP3’s and vinyl. And as usual, we’ll keep posting the good stuff.

We leave you again with our thanks for a great year, hopes for a great next year, and one my own favorite tracks from Misfits. It’s a little vulgar, but a truer tale was never told about the Sirens of Decay.


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