Sirens of Decay: New News Is Good News

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It’s been quite a while since I wrote a “State of the Union” for Sirens of Decay. Lately, we’ve had a few changes ’round here so I wanted to update everyone on all the good news and good stuff. (TLDR: highlights in bold)

First and foremost, I redesigned the whole website. I’ve struggled for years finding a theme that fits. I like this one and it looks good. Most importantly, however, my wife likes it and she handpicked it…so there’s that. Hopefully you like the album circles and less cluttered front page. No sidebar, no sliders…just beautiful art and a nice clean page.

During the redesign, I figured it was beyond time for Sirens of Decay to get a new logo. Not only would it be new, it was also our first professionally done logo. All the others were MSPaint hackjobs created by myself. That’s right, I don’t even own Photoshop…and don’t even talk to me about GIMP. After the process was over, I actually ended up with two logos…

There’s the one you see up top that was created by Michael Ian Weinfeld of FeldtDesign, and another one that was created by Indra K. which you probably haven’t seen:



Needless to say we are in good hands on the logo front.

Also, t-shirts. $10 a piece, printed on nice super soft unisex American Apparel tees. They actually cost roughly $12.50 for me to have made. I’m not trying to make money on these shirts, I want to see them on people’s backs. There are 3 mediums, 4 large, and 2 extra-large left from this initial batch. Get your own at the link below.


That leads me to my last bit of news. Sirens of Decay was recently accepted as blog #886 of the current crop (officially blog #19446) on the Hype Machine! While this may not seem like a big milestone to some readers, I’m sure there are others of you out there (band members, fellow bloggers, or folks who use the Hype Machine themselves) who realize what a platform the Hype Machine provides for both the blogger and the music he or she blogs about.

I hope you guys enjoy the new layout, and be sure to make use of our Hype Machine page to stream Sirens of Decay like your own personal radio station if you’re interested in that kind of thing. As for me, I’ll keep posting good tunes so long as folks keep sending them!

In accordance with tradition for these posts, I leave you with one of my favorite tracks of all time – the Misfits “Where Eagles Dare”. We walk the streets at night, we go where eagles dare…

PS: The real brains of this operation


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